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From "Kelpin, F" <>
Subject No bean class generated for supertype.
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:26:20 GMT

I'm trying to use apache axis 2 1.3 with eclipse europa to generate a
java bean skeleton from a wsdl.
The wsdl's operation references the ebXML-RR schema's.
The common base type for all of the ebXML-RR RIM schema is this

Unfortunately, though generation generates 99% of all needed classes, no
bean class is generated for this base type.
Beans for subtypes that extend it, like ObjectRefType, are generated
with a faulty constructor because the constructor passes the id and home
attributes on to its superclass, which is java.lang.Object, not

I can see what's going wrong, just not what I'm doing wrong or if this
is a bug.
Could someone perhaps gently nudge me in the right direction?


From the rim.xsd:

  <complexType name="IdentifiableType">
      <documentation xml:lang="en">
        Common base type for all types that have unique identity.     
        If id is provided and is not in proper URN syntax then it is
used for
        linkage within document and is ignored by the registry. In this
case the
        registry generates a UUID URN for id attribute.
        id must not be null when object is retrieved from the registry.
      <element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" ref="tns:Slot"/>
    <attribute name="id" type="anyURI" use="required"/>
    <!-- home attribute is required only for remote ObjectRef -->
    <attribute name="home" type="anyURI" use="optional"/>
  <element name="Identifiable" type="tns:IdentifiableType"/>
  <complexType name="ObjectRefType">
      <documentation xml:lang="en">
        Use to reference an Object by its id.
        Specifies the id attribute of the object as its id attribute.
        id attribute in ObjectAttributes is exactly the same syntax and
semantics as
        id attribute in RegistryObject.
      <extension base="tns:IdentifiableType">
        <!-- When true and is a remote ObjectRef then the registry must
create a replica for this ObjectRef -->
        <attribute default="false" name="createReplica" type="boolean"/>
  <complexType name="ObjectRefListType">
    <sequence maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0">
      <element ref="tns:ObjectRef"/>
  <element name="ObjectRefList" type="tns:ObjectRefListType"/>  
  <element name="ObjectRef" type="tns:ObjectRefType"

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