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From Qil.Wong <>
Subject axis2: httpconnection threads in simple axis2server
Date Tue, 25 Dec 2007 05:33:29 GMT

I have created a simple aixs2server which extends from AxisServer class(I am
using axis2-1.3). My application deployed in the axis2server is used to send
and receive messages to other applications by webservice.

While my web service application is running, and other applications start to
call my web service, I found there are many threads called "httpconnection",
and if the total count of these threads is upto 100, there won't be any
"httpconnection" thread created.

I guess these "httpconnection" threads are used to be a connection between
my webservice application and other applications.

Could some one tell me:
(1) Why there are so many "httpconnection" threads? Is it playing as a
connection pool?
(2) If it is a connection pool, how can I change the number of pooling
thread counts?
(3) If it is a connection pool, why the count of "httpconnection" threads is
only increasing till 100 with out any release?
(4) What's the difference between AxisServer style and Tomcat style(axis2
with webservice application is deployed on tomcat)? I found no
"httpconnection" thread in tomcat process.



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