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From "Howard Yang" <>
Subject how to change &#x E9; (Hex) to &# 233; (Dec) in axis2-1.3/axiom-1.2.5 soap xml
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2007 08:58:20 GMT
Hi All,


when i use axiom-1.2.5 code to add multilanguage char to SOAP xml in axis2-1.3 "ééé" was
translated to "&#x E9;&#x E9;&#x E9;"

and logon webservice can not work,

if we use gSoap c++ code to generate SOAP xml, "ééé" was translated to "&# 233;&#
233;&# 233;"

and logon webservice is OK,

"é": Unicode=U+00E9 (E9)16=(233)10 


it seems that this logon webservice only recognize "&# 233"(Dec)


for i can not change this webservice, and "&# 233;"(Dec) and "&#x E9;"(Hex) are all
legal XML entities,


so how can axis2/axiom export "&# Dec;" for un_ascii char?

Thanks in advance! 


PS: axis2/axiom code to generate SOAP xml


OMFactory fac = OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory();


// Empty namespace used when namespace prefix should be omitted OMNamespace noNs = fac.createOMNamespace("",


// Create required data node: [USERNAME] 

OMAttribute attr_type_xsi_string = fac.createOMAttribute(Constants.ATTR_TYPE, xsi, Constants.NS_PREFIX_SCHEMA_XSD
+ ":" + Constants.XSD_STRING.getLocalPart());

OMElement userName = fac.createOMElement("UserName ", noNs); userName.addAttribute(attr_type_xsi_string);

userName.addChild(fac.createOMText(userName, "ééé"));


Best Regards,

Howard Yang


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