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From Youpak2000 <>
Subject How to speed up AXIS2 HTTPS/SSL connection?
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 03:31:58 GMT
 Hi All
We have implemented a SOAP Web Services server and client using Java 1.6, Apache Axis 2 v1.3
and Tomcat 6. We have also implemented a client in C# and .NET. The http connection using
Java is slower than .NET but still acceptable. The https/SSL connection using Java client
(and self-signed certificate) is much slower than .NET and about 100 times slower than http
(non-SLL) connection which is not acceptable!.
I'm wondering if there are ways to improve the https performance and whether there are configurable
parameters in AXIS server or client which can improve https speed for Java clients. (e.g.
less strong encryption in SSL).
We even replaced the Tomcat Java SSL library with native C library but it didn't help that
Based on the SSL logs, apparently axis uses shared SSL sessions, but still each SAOP operation
takes more than 4 seconds (40ms without SSL).
Note that I don't specifically create HTTPS/SSL connections in my code. I use the AXIS2 libraries
and the Java classes generated from the WSDL file using wsdl2java.
I'd appreciate your help.

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