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From "Udo Butschinek" <>
Subject AW: Sending SOAP Requests through an HTTP Proxy ... continued
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:16:47 GMT
First of all: Thanks for the reply. 

If I get this correctly, this "only" works with Axis2. 

What I currently need is a solution for the former Axis as the application I am using uses
this one.

So is there a solution for the Axis1?

Thanks for help.


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Betreff: Re: Sending SOAP Requests through an HTTP Proxy ... continued
You can configure proxy dinamically for each client independently using:

            ProxyProperties proxyProperties = new ProxyProperties();
            proxyProperties.setDomain(" <> ");

            stub._getServiceClient().getOptions().setProperty( HTTPConstants.PROXY, proxyProperties);


2007/12/13, Udo Butschinek <>:

	Hello alltogether,
	I am having a special problem.
	I am trying to send SOAP requests through an HTTP Proxy. For this purpose I set the "http.proxyHost"
and "http.proxyPort" systemvariables by System.setProperty(). This basically works very fine.
	Now my application (SOAP-Client) has to switch between using a proxy for sending SOAP requests
to a server on the internet and sending the same data to a server in the intranet. In the
latter case no proxy is used.
	The problem is, that the Axis-Call-Class caches the data somewhere, so that always the first
settings are used, so a switch is not possible.
	This has been documented and mentioned by other users before:
	See solution seems to be here:
	There it sais:
	If you need the ability to reset proxy settings during runtime, i.e. without stopping/starting
the JVM (e.g. after the proxy settings dialog of your application was edited and confirmed
by a user), it is sufficient to add a public static method to TransportClientPropertiesFactory,
that is just clearing its TransportClientProperties-cache. If it is possible to override the
default TransportClientPropertiesFactory, by providing your custom factory
	this would be the preferable approach.
	To my somehow dull mind this means that I write a class MyTCPropsFactory. Register a System
variable with key "" where
the value is MyTCPropsFactory. 
	My factory has a static method called whatever (? say: clearCache()). 
	Now the question:
	1. What exactly has to be done in the public static method
	2. How does Axis know which method to call and when is it called?
	After hours of googling I could not find any concrete example of code where it is shown how
to clear the cache.
	I could not see another way than asking the apache-list directly.
	Any help would highly be appreciated.
	Yours desperately,
	Udo Butschinek
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