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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: BPEL, XSD, and WSDL Generation Libraries
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 23:52:03 GMT
You can use a WSDL generator, such as Axis2 java2wsdl, to generate
both a WSDL and embedded XSDs from your Java objects. You might also
consider using an XML binding framework, such as XMLbeans or JAXB, to
generate just the XSD files from your Java objects. (You can also use
a binding framework in conjunction with the WSDL generator.)

I don't know of any tool that generates BPEL from Java -- that's not
what you would normally do -- you typically specify the process flow
using a modeling notation (UML, BPMN, etc) and generate the BPEL
execution script from the model. (i.e., you write the processing logic
in BPEL rather than in Java). I suggest you look at ActiveBPEL
( for
your BPEL engine.


On 11/2/07, Leif Singer <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I know this is quite off-topic, but since the list I suppose would be
> most fitting for my question didn't respond at all, so I thought I'd
> give it a shot here.
> I have a model of a business process available as java objects. Out of
> this, I want to generate BPEL, WSDL, and XSD files. I have tried
> several libraries for these tasks:
> XSD: XmlSchema by Apache Commons, Eclipse's XSD library
> BPEL: my own lacking implementation, planning to try Eclipse's BPEL
> library
> To make sure I'm understood, I need these libraries to
> - provide a mechanism to construct an object graph representing an XSD/
> WSDL/BPEL file
> - be able to write this object graph to a file
> I also need them to read in existing files, but only for XSD and WSDL.
> My questions:
> 1. Can anyone recommend which libraries to use for these tasks?
> 2. Using XmlSchema from Apache Commons, I was able to build the
> structure just fine, but when trying to write it out, I only find an
> empty <schema/> element -- is there anything tricky that I am
> obviously doing wrong and should know, e.g. setting a flag for each
> object that needs to be added or something like that?
> Again, sorry for the off-topic post, but I thought the audience of
> this list might contain some indiviuals who know these things. If
> someone can point me to the proper list where to ask this, I'd of
> course be interested, too.
> Thanks in advance
>    Leif Singer
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