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From "Hoda, Nadeem [USA]" <>
Subject Inherited classes not working for Java/code first
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2007 17:48:48 GMT
I tried a simple case of inheritance, where I had: 
public class MyBaseVOClass {
public class MyExtendedVOClass extends MyBaseClass {

    private SomeOtherClass someOtherClass;
Then a service class to implement the above VOs:
public class MyServiceClass {
    public MyExtendedVOClass myWebMethod(String inputString,
MyExtendedVOClass myExtendedVOClass ) {...}
I used the samples/quickstart example as a model (code to generated
wsdl), and the WSDL looked fine, but:
1. An Axis2 client fails to invoke the service, failing on an
unrecognized type
2. Eclipse Web Services Explorer divided the results into "Group 1" and
"Group 2" with "Group 1" being erroneous
3. .NET consumed the service, but failed to return the correct results
(getting the equivalent of the "Group 1" results from eclipse).
Is this a known issue? i.e., Java to WSDL on inherited types fails or
causes unpredictable results on the client side?

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