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From Mauro Molinari <>
Subject Re: Help with some WSDL2Java parameters
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2007 17:26:44 GMT
I did some further experiments looking at the source code of Axis2... so 
I thought of sharing the results with the mailing list...

Mauro Molinari ha scritto:
> - what does -u ("unpack all classes") option actually do? I did some 
> quick tests and it seems to me that it does nothing... what am I missing?

This has effect only when you generate clients: with "unpack" switched 
on, the ADBBeans are not generated as inner classes, but rather as 
independent classes much like the server-side generated code.

 > - what is -r ("specify a repository against which code is generated")
 > useful for? What do you mean by "repository"?

Based on what I understood analyzing the source code, -r permits to 
specify an alternative path where the Axis2 configuration file is 
located. The default is in org.apache.axis2.deployment.axis2_default.xml 
(in kernel module). It is still unclear to me what this configuration 
file is useful for when using WSDL2Java tool...

> - what is -em ("specify an external mapping file") option useful for? 
> What would an "external mapping file" look like?

Again, looking at the source code, I found:
(in codegen module)
here the Javadoc says how a mapping file should look like (it's an XML 
file; by the way, I found the corresponding MappingFile.xsd schema in 
the "other" folder of codgen module source). Moreover, comments in 
seem to explain that if a type mapping is defined in this external 
mapping file, they should take precedence over the default mapping 
defined in the extension of 
org.apache.axis2.wsdl.databinding.DefaultTypeMapper in use. It is not 
clear to me if there is a correlation between this class (in codegen 
module) and org.apache.axis2.schema.typemap.TypeMap interface (in 
adb-codegen module).
Actually, I would need to supply an implementation of the latter class 
to WSDL2Java, because I want to change the mapping of xsd:int from int 
to java.lang.Integer. Instead of implementing a complete new class, I 
thought I could use the external mapping file mechanism to do this task. 
The problem is that even if I create a file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mappings dbf="adb"
     <qname namespace="">int</qname>

and I pass it to WSDL2Java through the -em parameter, I don't get the 
expected result: actually, I can't see any difference in the generated 
code and xsd:int is still mapped to int, not java.lang.Integer.

Anyone can help?

Mauro Molinari
Software Developer

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