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From "Iyengar, Kumar" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic web services
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 01:19:41 GMT
Hi all,


The issue is getting a bit critical here and I would appreciate any


I keep getting the error "The service cannot be found for the endpoint
reference (EPR) http://vedanta:8080/arsys/services/ARService" in my Soap
Client (I am using SoapUI). But in Tomcat's log I see the error "-
Unable to parse request URL [urn:testWS][/arsys/services] ". I am pretty
sure this might be some dumb error on my part.


I have set my axis2.xml as follows:

    <parameter name="servicePath">services</parameter>

   /* NOTE: contextRoot is not set */


I have set my service.xml as follows:



   <messageReceiver mep=""



 <parameter name="ServiceClass"



I have set my web.xml as follows:



        <display-name>Apache-Axis Servlet</display-name>














I have looked at Axis2 source code and it looks like the error is coming
from "parseRequestURLForServiceAndOperation()" routine. This
routine is called by all the dispatchers. I am not sure why the 'path'
parameter in 'parseRequestURLForServiceAndOperation()' is set to
'urn:testWS'. 'path' should point to EPR. The error message does mention
the correct EPR.


Also, when I set my 'servicePath' to 'arsys/services' then the error
that is see in Tomcat's log is :

- Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL [urn:testWS][/arsys/arsys/services]


The 'path' parameter in 'parseRequestURLForServiceAndOperation()'
routine now seems to contain the correct EPR but the 'servicePath' has
'/arsys' prepended to it.


Is 'contextRoot' supposed to be set? What is the definition of

Why does '/arsys' get prepended to 'servicePath'? Or in other words what
is 'servicePath' supposed to be?

How do I get axis2 log to be enabled? I did put and in the classpath.


I hope I can get some answers soon,






From: Iyengar, Kumar [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 1:22 AM
Subject: RE: Dynamic web services




I am afraid I am not making much headway here. 


I have my web.xml that specifies the <servlet> and <servlet-mapping>.


However, I am not sure what values the axis2.xml parameters should have
especially for the ones suggested below: servicePath and contextRoot.
The EPR is http://zzz:8080/arsys/services/ARService?server


I tried different combinations of values for configRoot and servicePath
and got one of the 2 errors.


Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL

- Unable to parse request URL [urn:testWS][/arsys/ARService]




Unable to parse request URL [urn:testWS][/arsys/ARService]


The class that is supposed to handle this has 3 public methods: 

1)       Void setOperationContext (OperationContext x)

2)       OMElement handleRequest(OMElement)

3)       Document processRequest(Doc input)  --> This one is a carry
forward from Axis.


I think in the first set of errors, the 3 error messages are
corresponding to the above 3 methods. However, none of the methods are


Should'nt the specification in web.xml and service.xml be sufficient? My
service.xml contains a 'parameter' with ServiceClass name and a
messageReceiverfor RAWXML in-out) only. I did not specify any operation.


Any detailed explanation would really help.






From: Martin Gainty [] 
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 6:46 PM
Subject: Re: Dynamic web services


SoapAction is *usually* prefaced with urn: as seen here

operation.setSoapAction("urn:" + opName);


servicePath is incorrect



ServicesDirectory attribute in axis2.xml
servicePath attribute in axis2.xml

Make sure your EPR is valid


----- Original Message ----- 

	From: Iyengar, Kumar <>  


	Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 8:54 PM

	Subject: RE: Dynamic web services


	Also, I get an error "Unable to parse request URL
[urn:testWS2][/arsys/services]". I get this error whether I have a
service.xml file or not. The URL that I pass in to my application is
http://zzz:8080/arsys/services/ARService?server =xxx&WebService=yyy 


	Has anyone seen this error? 





	From: Iyengar, Kumar [] 
	Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:31 PM
	Subject: Dynamic web services


	Hi all,


	We use Axis in a non standard way. The typical use of Axis is
where one generates the java stubs and then populates the stubs and
deploys the application. In our application we do it a bit dynamically -
we have a generic service and when the request comes in, it takes the
request and then extracts the document, determines the operation and
makes internal api calls. This way we never generate stubs.


	I am currently upgrading our setup from Axis to Axis2 and having
problems with it:

	1) I tried creating a service.xml file specifying the
'ServiceClass' name. However, it is not clear whether I need to specify
the method name. With Axis I could specify the method name in the wsdd

	2) Is there a complete documentation that explains all the
options that can be specified in a service.xml? I have only found links
(especially in IBM developer network) that explain bits and pieces.

	3) Also, is it OK not to specify any operation in the
service.xml file? What I really want is my code to take control of the
Message Context and then extract the document and operation and then
make internal calls. 

	4) if none of that work then do I have to do this by writing my
own handler? I hope that is not the case since I could do this very
easily with Axis.


	Any help is greatly appreciated.



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