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From "M.Khaled" <>
Subject RE: Urgent
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:41:09 GMT
First of all Thanks a lot for your quick response.Second I just want to tell you how the scenario
going in here:
  (1)I am just working in the client side (meaning I just created the client by axis WSDL2JAVA
command by passing the WSDL file to it).
  (2)And I have to set ant attribute value which is of type String to  a specific object and
this value is xml elements but in a string representation.
  (3)This specific object will be passed to the invoke method of the Call object. 
  (4)In the server side (which is out of my work scope, I am just using the URL for it and
know nothing else about it) it is expecting that this value I passed is xml in a string representation.
  (5)So I tried your solution for base 64 encoding but the output was something like this:
  and the server can't parse this form cause it is expecting that form:
  (6)And axis is generating this output: 
  <myEement>&lt;A&gt; &lt;B&gt; text &lt;/B&gt; &lt;/A&gt;
  and the server can't parse this form.
  That's the point I am still sticking in.
  If you have any other solution please advice.
"Hoda, Nadeem [USA]" <> wrote:
  If it is something very urgent, the easiest way is to base 64 encode the XML and pass the
encoded string which is guaranteed to have no special characters.
  For example (server-side): 
  import org.apache.xerces.impl.dv.util.Base64;
 //send this string
 String encodedXML = Base64.encode(rawXMLString);
  Otherwise you can use attachments, but that is not an "urgent" scenario solution. 
  From: M.Khaled [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 1:41 PM
Subject: Urgent 

  I sent a question to the mailing list and got no answer till now.Could anyone help me?
  My question was about how to send xml as a string by axis client avoiding special character
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