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From Pete <>
Subject Encryption configuration problems
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:26:53 GMT
Hello all,

Currently I have my client encrypting AXIS2 SOAP messages with the same key to all endpoints.
(Axis2/Rampart v1.3)

The problem is that we would like each destination to use a different key.
The service is the same (same WSDL) at each endpoint and other than the IP/port.
(Same service definition, multiple endpoints each with a unique key)

Programatically I know where to route it and set the endpoint, however I am having difficulties
setting up the encryption values on the fly.

I see that OutflowSecurity is deprecated.
I've also tried manually building the XML OutflowSecurityParameter and setting it in the options
before enabling rampart. That didn't go over well...

        Parameter p = new Parameter("OutflowSecurity", "Encryptmykeyclient.properties");

I've looked at the examples and searched for a decent tutorial on WS-Policy using policy.xml
for configuration. What I have found, does not lead me to believe that it will give me the
right solution. Maybe I'm not finding the right answer or asking the right question?! I really
haven't found a good reference to using policy.xml that I can relate to. (decode)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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