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From Vincent Brabant <>
Subject What's the goal of the changeImportAndIncludeLocations in AxisService ?
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 14:11:32 GMT
Hello the list.
We are using Axis2 1.3 and the wsdl2java under JDK 1.4
Near everything is working like a charm except the following.

We put in the services.xml the parameter useOriginalwsdl to true.
It means that NORMALLY, the original wsdl should be returned like it, without 
any modification.

But it's not the case. The "original wsdl" is modified. 
It's modified by the fact the changeImportAndIncludeLocations of the 
AxisService class is called.

the question is why that method is called ? What's the goal of such a method ?

Now, in place of having something like that 
<xsd:include schemaLocation="http://myrepository/mySchema.xsd" />
I have now 
<xsd:include schemaLocation="myService?xsd=http://myrepository/mySchema.xsd" />

Any reason why ?

Because, in our case, a client that want to call my wsdl can't use the returned 
wsdl. Because schemaLocation means nothing for the client.

P.S. such modification has been done in SVN the 3rd july 2007 (SVN Commit 
552837) by amilas.

Vincent Brabant

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