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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: Compiling Eclipse plugins: story of my frustration
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:59:21 GMT
Hello Seref

Its not eclipse ..apparently the axiom build is erroring out

this is from dims..
Please remove your ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/ws/commons/axiom
directory and run the geronimo build again. I have cleaned up the bad
jar this morning in apache maven2-snapshots

(I too have noticed this error while building 2.1.1)
1,40] cannot find symbol
symbol  : class OMBuilder
location: package

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From: "Seref Arikan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 10:28 AM
Subject: Compiling Eclipse plugins: story of my frustration

> Hi,
> I have spent hours trying to get an eclipse project for the axis2 server
> archiver plugin, and I have given up finally. The following is the
> effort of my summary and my hours lost. I'd appreciate your comments.
> There are two readme files that I can refer, and the first one is in the
> root of the axis2 source, and the other one is in the tools dir.
> The tools dir readme contains two sections, one for maven, and one for
> ant. Ok. I have never used ant before, so I tried ant. The instructions
> are either not clear, or I'm remarkably stupid. Let me write my comments
> under the instructions:
> * Since the source for the tools has a dependency on the eclipse
> classes. one has to run the
>       ant build file (build.xml) to generate a relevant eclipse project
> from the source.
> Ok, so what do I do here? a simple ant command gives me a list of
> operations that I can run, so what does the following sentence mean in
> the context of a step by step operation, what command should a user
> execute at this step if he is trying to create the projects?
> * In order to compile the plugin first you must do a maven create-lib on
> Axis2 Source and
>       set ECLIPSE_HOME environment variable to point to your eclipse
> home directory.
> Ok. so I need maven, fine, I download it, and try maven create-lib in
> the root source dir, since this is what I get from this sentence. WTF?
> there is no maven create-lib. is it mvn create-lib? no it is not, since
> maven tells me I need to specify something else, and create-lib is not
> meaningful. Ok. so I'm an idiot, and I should try to skip this part,
> maybe it works....
> * use the ant generate-projects command to generate the plugin projects.
> I tried to use it, but I get an error about missing entitities... so I
> fail..
> I have tried to maven way, but even if I tried to follow the
> instructions, maven simply failed everytime, with wonderfully cryptic
> errors, for which I could not find a solution after quite a bit of
> google search.
> Why I need this plugin source? Because the plugin has a problem with
> generating aar that uses hibernate POJOs, and I thought I could take a
> look at it. After all, I have written a few eclipse plugins, and this is
> open source, maybe I can fix it and contribute..
> As a result, I have lost hours. I could have gone to another direction
> by choosing another web services stack, but Axis2 is what I want to use.
> Maybe I'm missing something here, since I'm very nervous due to a tight
> deadline, but the overall guidance for the process, in terms of document
> is a disaster. At least for me. When I download the source of an
> application, I expect to find a brief guidance that tells me where to
> look actually, if it does not outline the whole story.
> All your comments are appreciated. I'm using many open source tools, and
> I have never failed so miserably for a such a simple task. Am I really
> this stupid? (sorry, I'm really pissed off)
> Best Regards
> Seref Arikan
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