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From "Amila Suriarachchi" <>
Subject Re: Problem with ConverterUtil convertTo* methods and empty XML tag
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 05:06:23 GMT
Can you send a sample schema and sample xml you get as well?

I guess you talk something like this.

<xs:element name="test" type="xs:int"/>

and you get an xml for this like this


My question is, is this a valid xml for this? if the type is int there must
be an int inside it.

on the other hand you can have
<xs:element nillable="true" minOccurs="0"  name="test" type="xs:int"/>

to represent that is null. but above is an invalid xml.


On 9/25/07, Jozef Krssak <> wrote:
> Hi
> During tests of Axis2 1.3 parser speed performance for our existing
> project we have found big problem in
> org.apache.axis2.databinding.utils.ConverterUtil and its convertTo*
> methods when  processed XML has some empty tags. Convert methods have no
> code to test given parameter to 'null' value or value equals to "".
> To be able to parse any XML we had to add the following simple code into
> these methods:
>         if (s == null || "".equals(s)) {
>           return null;
>         }
> We think it will be worth to fix it and add this simple code.
> Thanks
> --
> Jozef Krssak

Amila Suriarachchi,
WSO2 Inc.

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