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From M N <>
Subject Axis 1.4 and .NET interop
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 05:30:13 GMT
We have been using AXIS 1.1 ( yeah I know its old) for past few years with Jboss and everythings
looks fine.We have removed the jbossws.sar directory completely.
  Anyway so we have this new requirement where we have to provide webservices to a .NET client.
No matter what we provide .NET client keeps getting exceptions. We found yesterday that .NET
does not support RPC transport from java webservices. So we decided to use DOCUMENT/LITERAL
style in WSDL ( created using ANT JAVA2WSDL tool) . But then even when I test the WS from
Java side it keeps giving me NOT A ARGUMENT(or something like that) error. I read later on
that AXIS 1.1 doesnt support the DOCUMENT/LITERAL style well. So we decided to upgrade to
  I still kept getting the NOT A <forgot what the text was>ERROR except when I mention
in ANT JAVA2WSDL utility that I need WRAPPED/LITERAL style. Any other style doesnt seem to
work. So now with WRAPPED/LITERAL style my Java client stubs can successfully work with Java
WSs. We will be testing it with .NET tomorrow. I am wondering if it will work and there wont
be any exceptions. 

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