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From "Sudhir Sharma" <>
Subject RE: java client from wsdl
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 04:05:37 GMT
Thanx yogesh. I will try out this


Thanks & Best Regards,

Sudhir Sharma


From: [] 
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 3:01 AM
Subject: Re: java client from wsdl


Try looking MTOM sample in axis.  replace  your wsdl here. 

<!-- Generate Client --> 
        <target name="generate.client"> 
                <java classname="org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2Java"> 
                        <arg value="-uri" /> 
                        <arg value="resources/MTOMSample.wsdl" /> 
                        <arg value="-p" /> 
                        <arg value="-ap" /> 
                        <arg value="sample.mtom.service" /> 
                        <arg value="-o" /> 
                        <arg value="${client.dir}" /> 
                        <classpath refid="class.path" /> 

                <copy file="${client.path}"
tofile="${client.dir}/${client.path}" overwrite="true" /> 

                <mkdir dir="${client.classes.dir}" /> 
                <!-- Compile client --> 
                <javac srcdir="${client.dir}/src"
                        <classpath refid="class.path" /> 

"Sudhir Sharma" <> 

10/18/2007 10:12 AM 

Please respond to






java client from wsdl




I am new to web services and axis. I have a webservice in .NET that is into
production. I need to make a java client from the wsdl of that web
service.can anyone help me how to automaticaly generate a java client from
the wsdl.I am using axis 1.4 and Tomcat 5.0 
Thanx in advance. 
Thanks & Best Regards, 
Sudhir Sharma 

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