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From Andrew Martin <>
Subject Re: Axis2, Session not keeping.
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:53:08 GMT
I don't know JSP.


James Neff wrote:
> Andrew Martin wrote:
>> ...
>> It looks like you're creating a new client each time you call the
>> service, so each call would be in a separate session.  What happens if
>> you invoke the service multiple times with the same client object?
> How do I do that from a JSP page?  Is there an example somewhere I can
> follow?
>>> I added to my Web Service class a constructor:
>>>    public MyService() {
>>>              System.out.println("MyService.constructing!");
>>>        int testCounter = 0;
>>>        SessionContext sessionContext =
>>> MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext().getSessionContext();     
>>>        sessionContext.setProperty("thisCounter", testCounter);
>>>          }
>>> And when I go to /logs/catalina.out I see :
>>> MyService.constructing!
>>> for as many times as I call the method from my RPC client.
>> That's what I would expect.  If you store session information in the
>> SessionContext, then that wouldn't matter.
> I thought thats what I was doing here with SessionContext.  Did I do it
> wrong?
>>> Also, the session does work when I use "application" for the scope.  But
>>> when I try "transportsession" or "soapsession" in the "scope" attribute
>>> of services.xml it always acts like "request" scope.
>> If you use "application", then you wouldn't get a separate counter for
>> each session.  Every user would be incrementing the same counter.  If
>> that's what you want, then do that.  If you really want to store
>> separate variables for each session, then your server's already doing
>> the right thing with "transportsession", according to your web browser
>> test.  You just need to change your client.
> Yes, I want a separate session for each user.  I said the thing about
> "application" because I just wanted to make sure the thing was working
> at least at some level.  Now it seems, as you've pointed out, my client
> is getting created anew each time I click the button my JSP web page. 
> How can I call the same session from my JSP page?
> Thanks again in advance,
> James

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