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From "Tom Holmes Jr." <>
Subject Another Newbie Axis2 Question
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 16:22:41 GMT
Ok, I apologize this is a stupid question ... I may find the answer 
quickly, but I will ask anyway.

I am writing a data sync application ... I want this web Service to have 
three methods:   Push, Pull, Sync ...
Each of these have separate input and output parameters.
Ultimately, I want it to be ONE Web-Service with ONE WSDL.

So, I started with three classes: Push, Pull, Sync
Each of these three classes has input and output variables and I have 
proper getters/setters for all these variables that I want to expose.

I am using the Axis2 Code Generator Plugin, and I can only grab one 
class (push, pull, sync) and turn that into a web-service.
I'm rusty at writing web-services since the last time I did it was with 
Tomcat/Axis (1) ... but now I should deprecate Axis(1) in my mind and 
properly use 2.

Thanks for any help!

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