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From Andrew Martin <>
Subject Re: Axis2 events handling
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 14:05:03 GMT
How are you passing the file to Axis2?  If you're just passing an
InputStream, you could write your own wrapper FilterInputStream that
erases the file in its close method or in its read methods whenever -1
is returned.


Elmouj wrote:
> Hello Upul,
>        Thanks for your reply. Actually this will work and I have already
> thought about it; the problem I found with this solution is that the
> deletion of the file (in the server side) is after an acknowledgment FROM
> the client. this ACK could be easily bypassed: I mean, no one is obliging
> people using my service to develop a client that acknowledges receipt of the
> file !!! hence making it possible for the file to reside on the server. For
> your concern about if the file is lost, this is not a problem because the
> file the server sends to a client is an encryption of a file sent from
> Client to Server, hence if there is any problem (which is very very very
> rare since Axis2 over TCP is almost error free I guess), the client will
> just re-request the encryption of his file. So, I am really looking for a
> thing that tells me that the last byte has been sent to the client.
> Thanks again,
> Elmouj,
> Upul Godage wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If you mean you are having a web service which provides files on request,
>> let's say, requested by reference number, best thing to do is to have
>> another operation in the web service. So that after client gets the
>> payload
>> and, let's say client has processed or saved it successfully, it will call
>> that operation, saying 'got the payload okay for this reference number.'
>> Otherwise even though the file is transferred successfully, there could be
>> an exception on the client side and the file is lost from both sides.
>> Upul
>> On 9/5/07, Elmouj <> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have been using Axis2 for a month now and it's really powerful and easy
>>> to
>>> use. However, the last two days I got stuck looking for a way to access
>>> an
>>> event triggered when the last byte of the server response is sent to the
>>> client; so I decided to post on this forum hoping to get a clue to this
>>> issue :( . In other words, I want a way by which I could be informed when
>>> the last byte of the server's response is sent because I need to execute
>>> some tasks after this event has been triggered (I need to delete a file
>>> after the client downloads it).
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Elmouj
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