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From "Tom Holmes Jr." <>
Subject Re: Newbie with Axis2
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 20:10:56 GMT
Hi Thilina, thanks for the information.  

I checked with the client, and it seems there might 2-3 concurrent users 
at a time, certainly 12 would be the absolute most if all 12 employees 
decided to hit the web-services at once.

So, I think Axis2, standalone would be the best bet.    I'll certainly 
look at SimpleAxisServer to start ... and then I'll add to it.

Thanks again for the help.                     

Thilina Gunarathne wrote:
> Tom,
> It'll be a choice depending on your usage of the web service. A
> SimpleAxisServer started using axis2server.bat will work if you are
> not expecting many concurrent users to use the service. AFAIK
> SimpleAxisServer is still experimental and chokes on many concurrent
> requests. If you are expecting your web service to be heavily used by
> a large set of users, then I would recommend you to go for
> Tomcat+Axis2.   Also you can start your work with simpleAxisServer and
> then later you can move to the Tomcat depending on the situation.
> On a side note: Lately I've seen integrating a NIO transport with
> Axis2. I'm not sure whether the SimpleAxisServer uses it. You are
> better off with SimpleAxisServer if that is the case.
> Thanks,
> Thilina
> On 9/2/07, keith chapman <> wrote:
>> You don't need any other libraries to run Axis2 standalone server. Tomcat is
>> not essential but if you wish you can use the war distribution so that you
>> can use it with any application server.
>> Thanks,
>> Keith.
>> On 9/2/07, Tom Holmes Jr. <> wrote:
>>> I am a newbie with Axis2, and I have a number of questions,   Before you
>>> rip off my head and show it to me.  let me explain myself first:
>>> 1) I have been developing for nearly 20 years, the last 10 have been in
>>> Java/J2EE
>>> 2) I have used Apache and Tomcat for years.
>>> 3) I have used Axis and developed Web-Services with Apache ... I don't
>>> recall needing a Servlet container like Tomcat.
>>> 4) Yes I have been reading the documentation and googling, and reading
>>> the mailing list archives of which I am now subscribed to.
>>> So, my situation is that I have a Windows laptop/desktop system.    I
>>> want to use Web-Services and certainly not IIS or other Microsoft
>>> Technologies.
>>> I want to use Axis2 which I download, extracted, and setup the home
>>> directory with the environmental variables.   The JDK 1.6 was previously
>>> installed and working.
>>> I ran the Axis2Server.Bat and it is running fine.    Do I still need a
>>> Servlet Container like Tomcat?   If I run Axis2 as a stand-alone, do I
>>> need Apache at all.
>>> I don't really need a a full servlet container or full http server.
>>> So, I imagine the standalone Axis2 should work for me to do Web-Services.
>>> The documentation seemed to say I still needed to build the war file and
>>> deploy it into web-apps, but I'm thinking that would only be the case if
>>> I was Axis2 under some
>>> other App Server or Servlet Container.
>>> Ultimately ... I am gonna have a PDA using Microsoft Technologies as a
>>> web-services client.  The PDA will send data to the Web-Service under
>> Axis2.
>>> The Web-Services I hope to deploy to Axis2 will be written in Java since
>>> that is what I know.   The Web-Service (written  in Java) will then open
>>> to an
>>> Access database to read/write data and return information in the request
>>> back to the PDA.
>>> Please point me to starting resources for Axis2 web-site, and again can
>>> you answer some of those questions above.        Thanks!
>>>                                    Tom
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