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From "Raghu Upadhyayula" <>
Subject OMElement Vs java.lang.Object for (xsd:anyType) - Axis 1.3 Vs Axis 2 code generation
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 21:43:42 GMT

In my webservices, I have a method which has a parameter defined as
type="xsd:anyType" in the WSDL.


In Axis 1.3, when I did WSDL2Java for my WSDL that parameter got
converted to java.lang.Object.


But in Axis2 1.2, when I did WSDL2Java for the same WSDL, that parameter
got converted to


My question is, if I need to pass a Java Object to my webservice method,
how do I convert it to OMElement and pass it to the method from the
client code & how do I convert OMElement back to java.lang.Object in my
server code?





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