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From "John Ainsworth" <>
Subject [Axis2] WSDL2Java backwards compatibility Axis2/Axis1.*
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 16:20:54 GMT

I have begun the process of migrating my Axis 1.3 services to Axis2
(principally for the performance improvement). There are a number off issues
I have encountered.
All my services are doc/literal wrapped and I'm using axis2-1.3-RC3. I am
using "adb" for the binding

1. In Axis 1.* in the WSDL I could write
            <complexType name="VoidType">
                <sequence />
            <xsd:element name="getVersion" type="types:VoidType" />

to represent a method with no parameters and the generated method signature
would be "string getVersion()", in Axis2 I now have GetVersionResponse
getVersion(GetVersion x), where GetVersionResponse has a single string data
member and GetVersion has no data members

2. -uw and -b options seem to be incompatible. If I specify -uw only then it
unwraps. When I specify -b and -uw then it doesn't.

3. Many of my methods take one or more complexTypes as parameters. An
example of a generated method is:
getUsersAndPrivilegesInProject( project)
In Axis 1.* both ProjectType and UserPrivilegesType are generated with a
no-arg constructor and a constructor with arguments for setting all data
members. In Axis2 these classes are generated but without the constructor
for all data members. Since my code relies on this constructor in numerous
places is there a way to generate it?


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