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From Oliver Kolb <>
Subject Return object is null calling web service!
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:38:56 GMT

i'm using Axis 1.4 and have a problem calling a web service method. This web service
has various methods, i tried a lot and all are working fine. But when i call the getTask()
method of this web services my result object is null. I used WSDL2Java to generate my
stub objects. 

So i used TCPMonitor to tunnel the passed data. All the details of the result answer 
are sent back to my java application, but the object is still null.

Here is my Java Code:

public static void getTaskTest() {

String urn = "urn:ae:task:678";
TTaskRef taskRef = new TTaskRef(urn);
Boolean flag = true;
String user = "loanrep1";
GetTask gTask = new GetTask(taskRef, user, flag);
GetTaskResponse getTaskResponse;

try {
String endpoint = "";
URL myURL = new URL(endpoint);
AeTaskService aService = new AeTaskServiceLocator();
IAeTaskService iAe = aService.getAeTaskServicePort(myURL);
getTaskResponse = iAe.getTask(gTask);

catch (Exception e) {
System.out.println("Fault getting Human Task: " + e.getMessage());

Perhaps anybody has an idea, to solve/isolate the problem.

Best regards,

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