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From Scott Sauyet <>
Subject Using soap.encoding.Array
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:44:00 GMT
If this doesn't belong on this list, could someone kindly suggest a more 
appropriate list?  Thanks,  -- SS

I'm using Axis with XMLBeans as the client to an existing service, and 
everything is working fine until I try to get data from an array.  I get 
back an element of an interface extending


But this doesn't seem to let me get at the actual data inside the array. 
  Sniffing the SOAP messages assures me that there is in fact data being 
returned, but the API appears to offer me no way to retrieve it.  This 
must be a simple oversight on my part, but I've been staring at it too 
long without any insights.

Can someone explain how to get the elements of type MyClass from this 
array?  (More details are below.)


   -- Scott

More details:

The schema in the WSDL contains the following:

     <xs:complexType name="Event">
          <xs:element name="EventDateTime" type="xs:dateTime"/>
          <xs:element name="EventDescription" type="xs:string"/>
          <xs:element name="EventId" type="xs:long"/>
          <xs:element name="EventTitle" type="xs:string"/>
          <!-- many more fields -->

     <xs:complexType name="arEvent">
         <xs:restriction base="soapenc:Array">
           <xs:sequence />
           <xs:attribute ref="soapenc:arrayType"

toString() on the resulting ArEvent object looks like this:

         <dat:EventDescription>Description here</dat:EventDescription>
         <dat:EventTitle>The title</dat:EventTitle>
         <!-- more fields -->
         <dat:EventDescription>Description field</dat:EventDescription>
         <dat:EventTitle>Test event One</dat:EventTitle>
       <!-- many more events -->

So the data is clearly there.  And the class representing the Event is 
created by the WSDL2Java tool.  I just can't figure out how to get at it.

Thanks again.

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