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From mchmiel <>
Subject Need advice
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:53:27 GMT
I need to integrate a .NET platform and Java and for this task I have
choosen WebServices. First technology for the Java part was ofcourse
Axis. But then I had to redesign the
whole thing becouse of the caching problem . Here is the explanation:
1. I have a MemoryModel (a JDOM tree) which has to be loaded as the
Tomcat AppServer is stertin
2. I need to implement a WS taht manages the resourse (MemoryModel)
3. Then the next WebService allows users to invoke read/write operations
on the first Ws that manages the MemoryModel

First of all cannot find how to preload webservice, and second issue how
to share a complex Object between WebServices (inside the same WebApp)

I started from teh beggining and using servlets I could managed to do so
... that is.
1. PreLoad the servlet
2. Write a caching servlet and register the MemeoryModel in ServeltContext
3. Write a Servlet that could (pretend to be a WS)
4, the last task is extreamly hard I looked throuh kSOAP, JAXM and so on
but the i do not need the servet to understand SOAP but to be
a WS?
In such case can Axis help me?
Or even simplier task.... can Axis WS see a servlet context and register
internally my MemeoryModel?

Thanks For any help


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