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From Bjorn Townsend <>
Subject Re: [axis2] [IMPORTANT] JDK 1.4 compatibility - feedback requested
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:54:06 GMT
Hi Glen,

I wanted to throw my two cents in on this as it's an important issue.  
In short, I think Axis2 should continue to support both, especially  
if it wants to encourage stragglers to migrate from 1.x. Most of  
Sourcelabs' customers are inherently conservative Global 2000  
companies, most of them use Axis 1.x in one form or another, and none  
of them have completely migrated to 1.5.  The reasons for this are  
generally the result of company policy -- internal standards and the  
desire to minimize upgrades being prominent reasons for said policy.   
The process of moving to 1.5 for them will be a long and painful one,  
and they are much more likely to be interested in or need to migrate  
to Axis2 before upgrading to Java 1.5.  Our customers would find  
migrating to Axis2 much more palatable if they didn't need to upgrade  
to Java 1.5 at the same time. I suspect the same is probably true of  
many users of Axis in the enterprise.


On Aug 14, 2007, at 9:25 PM  August 14, Glen Daniels wrote:

> Hi Axis2 developers and users!
> There has been a bunch of discussion lately revolving around the  
> question of JDK1.4 compatibility.  It has been suggested that Axis2  
> move to JDK 1.5, in order to gain the benefits of things like  
> generics, built-in concurrency (no backport lib), and annotations.   
> Some folks feel that there are enough people out there still in a  
> 1.4 environment that we should hold off, and others think we should  
> bite the bullet and move to 1.5.
> Are you using, or planning to use, Axis2 in an environment that is  
> locked to JDK 1.4?  If so, please let us know by responding to this  
> thread and telling us (if you can) about the particulars of what's  
> tying you to 1.4 - is it your app server?  Company policy?   
> Something else?
> We'd really like to take good care of our users, and doing that  
> involves figuring out whether we can jump into 1.5-land or if we  
> need to keep things working with 1.4.
> Thanks,
> --Glen
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