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From "sandy T" <>
Subject Re: Re: Axis2:learners question:How to initialise/load resources
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 06:28:21 GMT
Thanks Keith,
However I want to have services differently and load the
resources from one of the initial services
somewhere(ConfigContext?? ) I can access from any services. Is
it a bad idea?
Even If I deploy them as a group I would need to load the
properties and other resources from one of the services, rt or
am I not getting you? This is where(loading resources) I am a
lil confused and not able to correlate with the approaches used
earlier in java/jsp applications. 
Can you please spare a bit more of your efforts/time and help me
understand axis2 systematically? 

I am constantly looking for tutorial and docs available with
Axis, meanwhile if you can point me to some tutorial/samples

T. Sandy

---- On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, keith chapman
( wrote:

You can add your services to a single service group. Services
within the
group can then share data.


On 8/30/07, sandy T  wrote:
> Hey guys, Is it allowed for beginners to get answers to simple
> questions in this mailing list? afraid if wasting your time.
> If any expert can help, here goes my problem -
> I am developing few sample services(in different aar
> files).Suddenly I realized that I need to share some
> file(like DB userid/passwd or nething else), validation-rules
> and  connections. I came up with my own weird approach of
> a setproperties web service with application level scope and
> loading the properties there and then invoking the services
> locally from other services to get the properties.This really
> looked odd to me so I abandoned the approach and went through
> cpl of articles like - and
> My services are stateless(approach in article 480 mentions
> prerequisite of being sessionware) and 333 talks about
> implementing ServiceLifeCycle and loading the things in
> AxisService but  I am not sure how ?
> Can some expert please explain/point to some other tutorial?
> Cheers
> Sandy
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