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From Keith Bohnenberger <>
Subject circular imports and xs:redefine
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 17:10:08 GMT
We have been given a rather complex schema.
Wsdl2Java isn't very happy.
It seems that the two main problems are circular imports (those crazy
spec guys say these are fine) and xs:redefine 

Circular imports result in a global type already defined kind of error.

xs:redefine results in a type not found kind of error

I didn't come up with a lot looking through the archives but I found the
following jira tickets which explains the
circular imports and
which might explain the xs:redefine issues (although the ticket is for
Axis C++)

Is there any documentation that states limitations axis2 wsdl2java has
in regards to the schema spec?

Is xs:redefine a known problem for wsd2java?

Are there any known workarounds for the xs:redefine problem?



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