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Subject Novice Java user needs help understanding Apache Axis 1.4 UNIX installation requirements - please help
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 04:02:51 GMT
Hi All,

I am not certain from reading the Apache Axis 1.4 documentation whether it 
is a requirement to follow the build procedures using Ant and Forrest as 
outlined in the documentation, or whether one can just unzip the Apache 
Axis 1.4 gz file containing the tar file.  I need to run Apache Axis on 
Sun Solaris, HP-UX and AIX Unix platforms.

Can someone please advise me on this.

Thank you,
Eric Nilson

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Eric Nilson/SYBASE 
07/09/2007 05:31 PM


Installing Apache Axis 1.4 on UNIX.

I have recently written my first web service code on windows using Apache 
Axis 1.3.  I am changing to Apache Axis 1.4 since Apache Axis 1.3 does not 
seem to be supported any longer (having trouble with Apache Axis 1.3 
download from mirror sites).

I would like to install Apache Axis 1.4 on Sun Solaris, HP and AIX.  I 
think that Apache Axis 1.3 use to have different binary installs for each 
of these UNIX platforms, but I do not see them with Apache Axis 1.4.

To install Apache Axis 1.4 on the Unix platforms, is it necessary to 
install the Apache Axis source and go through Java compile build 
procedures?  Or can the Apache Axis tar file in axis-bin-1_4.tar.gz  file 
simply be untarred on UNIX and the jars used on UNIX,  as it is done on 
Windows with the Apache Axis file.

Thank you,
Eric Nilson

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