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From "Lahiru Sandakith" <>
Subject Re: a bug in the "Axis 2 Service Archiver" Eclipse plugin?
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:33:48 GMT
Hi Albert,

please tell us the version of the plugin that you are using.

using version 1.2.1, I was able to successfully go through smoothly with
eclipse service archive plugin.

I am attaching a TestProject that I have used and also the screenshot load
the class.



On 7/18/07, albert quinn <> wrote:
>   Hi !! :
>   I've not got answer to my last post "POJO Web Service yes or not
> question", but I haven't given up and keep on trying things. I think
> there is a bug in the "Axis 2 Service Archiver" Eclipse plugin. I'll
> try to explain it :
>   I've created a new Eclipse project with differente folder for source
> and classes. In the "src" folder I've created the "code.prueba"
> package where I've put the "" example from the
> Axis 2 quick start guide. Then I've used the "Axis 2 code generator"
> Eclipse plugin to generate a WSDL from it. The I've used the plugin
> again to generate the client and server code. Then I've run the "Axis
> 2 Service Archiver" choosing the bin folder of my new project, Next,
> "Skip WSDL" option, Next, Next (no jar files needed), "Generate the
> service xml automatically", Next, then nothing happens... I can't see
> the next plugin screen but no errors are showed... long life to the
> user-friendly software !!!! ;)
>   If I choose "Cancel" and run the "Axis 2 Service Archiver" again,
> then, when I push the "Next" button to see the first plugin Screen...
> nothing happens, but if I push the "Next" button again, then I can see
> the first plugin screen... and then I can keep on till the "Generate
> the service xml automatically" screen, then I push "Next" button and
> again... nothing happens... no errors reported...
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