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From "Desmond Whewell (CV/ETL)" <>
Subject RE: useOriginalwsdl again
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 07:12:52 GMT
They are indentical. I can tell that the two are related because at one point the value of
useOriginalwsdl was incorrect and I spotted that problem during debug of the invoked service.

What I'm unclear about is at what point is the wsld4jdefinition parameter created. Does Axis2
create this in advance of the '?wsdl' invocation, at start-up, say? Maybe that is where the
problem lies? I had the naïve idea that when useOriginalwsdl was set to 'true', Axis 2 would
simply stream the appropriate file in the response. Is the wsdl4j stuff used to support port

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From: Deepal Jayasinghe [] 
Sent: 16 July 2007 18:44
Subject: Re: useOriginalwsdl again

Did you check the wsdl service name and the service name in the services.xml. Those two should
be equal .

<service name="Foo"> </service>

    <service name="Foo"> </service>


Desmond Whewell (CV/ETL) wrote:
> Axis2 1.2/Tomcat 5.5.9
> I have put the following in my services.xml file, as suggested on this
> list:
> <parameter locked="false" name="useOriginalwsdl">true</parameter>
> <parameter locked="false"
> name="modifyUserWSDLPortAddress">true</parameter>
> I want the server to supply the original WSDL file but allow it to 
> modify the port address. The original WSDL file is in the META-INF 
> directory. Despite this, it fails with an error in IE:
> - <error>
>   <description>Unable to generate WSDL 1.1 for this 
> service</description>
>   <reason>If you wish Axis2 to automatically generate the WSDL 1.1, 
> then please +set useOriginalwsdl as false in your services.xml</reason>
>   </error>
> Which is a bit odd because I wasn't asking it to generate the WSDL.
> If I run in debug, it drops into:
> ...
>     public void printWSDL(OutputStream out, String requestIP, String
> servicePath) throws AxisFault {
>         if (isUseUserWSDL()) {
>             Parameter wsld4jdefinition = 
> getParameter(WSDLConstants.WSDL_4_J_DEFINITION);
>             if (wsld4jdefinition != null) { ...
> It fails at this point because it can't get this parameter. Is this a 
> parameter that I was supposed to add? If so, what value has it?
> Cheers, Des
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