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From Michael Bell <>
Subject Re: AxisFault produces empty http 202
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:42:11 GMT
Hi Deepal.

Deepal jayasinghe schrieb:

> I create a POJO and deploy and I got the expected result , so will you
> be able to provide me more data to re-generate the issues. FYI I have
> attached my POJO.

I attached two WSDL files (stupid SQL wrapper plus common types and 
messages). The file with suffix orig is the web service which I want to 
implement. The file with the short filename is the specification which 
works. It looks like that AxisFault will only be correctly handled by 
the InOut message receiver. The RobustInOnly message receiver has a 
problem. Perhaps this has something to do with the initialization of the 
web server or the inheritaed classes.

BTW some details about my server implementation. I always generate the 
skeleton and the interface. My implementation class extends the 
skeleton. If I throw the custom exception (specified in the WSDL)in my 
implementation then his exception will be catched by the generated 
message receiver. This receiver packs the exception into an AxisFault 
and throw it again. The problem is that it looks like the handling of 
the RobustInOnly and InOut message receivers is different.

If you have a normal InOut receiver then you get an http 202 code plus 
the SOAP error. If you have RobustInOnly then you get only http 202.

Best regards


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