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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: Web Services Interoperability
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 02:30:54 GMT
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Jorge Fernandez wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a doubt related with interoperability. I'm using soap session and
> I realized that ServiceGroupID has an axis2 namespace so I think this
> would make my servie incompatible with some clients. Is this right?? Any
> of the session scopes is compatible between all plataforms??

Axis2 service groupId is meant to be used if you have your service
deployed in an Axis2 server. This header is used if you want to maintain
a session between invocations.

Having said that, the presence of this header doesn't harm
interoperability in any means. This header doesn't have
mustUnderstand=true, so any SOAP engine can ignore this and still work
without a problem. As I mentioned earlier also you will see this header
only if you are using Axis2 server. But the server doesn't expect this
header all the times. If it is present it will try to maintain the
session and if it is not there, you won't have any session.
The web service client can simply ignore this header when it is
processing the SOAP message.

Think about this header as an optional optimization mechanism, if Axis2
server and Axis2 client are used to invoke related services.


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