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From Alex Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Streaming Soap with Attachments
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 20:06:38 GMT
The delay is due to the default behaviour of writeObject() in
javax.activation.DataHandler. The stream that gets passed to it is
buffered, which will have to fill up before the bytes are sent over the
socket's stream.

Also the ByteArrayDataSource requires that the DataSource be fully
written to before it can be read from.

I had to do something similar. I had small amounts of data that had to
be sent over a long period of time. I ended up having to write a custom
DataSource that made data available to the InputStream as soon as it was
available, and to implement a custom DataHandler to would flush the
output in writeObject when ever it wrote data.

Hope that helps,

Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Axis1 or Axis2? Can you post some code of what you tried?
> thanks,
> dims
> On 7/4/07, Peter Makoi <> wrote:
>> Does soap with attachments using MIME multipart support streaming?
>> I have goggled around trying to find out if there is a possibility of
>> doing
>> that but i end up getting some old postings and documentations that
>> suggest
>> that SwA does not support streaming
>> I have also tried to simulate streaming a considerably large amount of
>> data
>> by sending it as a data handler and then use the streaming capability
>> of the
>> activation framework to stream the data into an output stream
>> But what I got is an overhead equivalent to the time spend to transmit
>> the
>> whole file to the client before the streaming begins(my conclusion was
>> that
>> the data is received in a one-go and because of it's large size it take's
>> the processor sometime to allocate some memory space to save it before
>> the
>> streaming even begins)…. Does anyone have any explanation? Thanks in
>> advance

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