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From Jose Luis Alba <>
Subject Re: wsdl2java invalid wsdl generating exceptions
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 11:57:30 GMT
Hi Amila,

Thanks for you reply. At this time I've tried with an Axis2 1.3-RC1 and the wsdl is now correct
and generates the Exceptions I was expecting. The chosen way is to generate web services from

Jose Luis

Amila Suriarachchi <> escribió: if you start with the wsdl
(i.e. contract first) declaring the fault messages in the wsdl is the correct way. If you
start with the POJO using checked exceptions in the method signature is the correct way.

what is the method you are going to use? using wsdl or POJO? 

can you attach your POJO or wsdl so that we can help you further


On 7/25/07, Jose Luis Alba <> wrote:Hi all,

- Axis2 1.2+

What's the better way of throw exceptions in the server side of an Axis2 web service? 

- Using checked exceptions and declaring them in the wsdl?
- Using runtime exceptions?
- Other?

I've tried to launch checked exceptions on the server side. But the wsdl that generates wsdl2java
is invalid and not capable of generate the client stubs. 

Any ideas will be welkome!

Thanks in advance,

Jose Luis


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Amila Suriarachchi,
WSO2 Inc. 


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