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From <>
Subject [Axis2] - How to get information at startup of tomcat
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 17:35:28 GMT
Hi all,


I developed a webservice with axis/tomcat, which got some information
from a database. 

All worked fine, but the problem is that the information was not
modified frequently, and was obtained each time that my webservice was


So, I decided to migrate my webservice to axis2, ant put inside my
service class the following methods:


public void init(ServiceContext serviceContext) { 
// my initialization code here 


public void destroy(ServiceContext serviceContext) { 
// this code will be executed when the service is unloaded 



In the method init I do a query to a database to get the information,
and put it in a Map of the ServiceContext.


At this point all works like I want, the method init is invoked only one


The problem is that I modified the scope from "application" to
"request", to force the creation of a new instance of the service class
per request. I did this modification because I want to process various
requests in simultaneous. With this modification, each time a request is
done the init method is invoked, and I want that it will be only invoked
one time.


How can I solve this problem?




Rui Torres

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