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From D <>
Subject [AXIS2] Codegen omitting Header item from Client and Server interfaces and skeletons
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 09:20:19 GMT
Hi Folks,

I'm generating clients and servers for 2 services from WSDLs (+ XSDs)
using the Codegen Ant task.

For one WSDL, the generated interfaces and skeletons correctly include
a parameter for an item in the soap:header, but in the second case
they do not.

In both cases classes for the underlying item are created, including
an xyzDocument as should appear in the interface signatures.

The WSDLs follow the same structure and they both validate.

With debug logging turned on during codegen, I have captured the
documents created for input to code generation.

(I have attached the documents to this email... 1.xml is the document
for the skeleton interface on the correct service. 2.xml is the
document for the skeleton interface on the service with the header
item missing).

To me, the documents seem to contain equivalent information describing
the header item, but only the resulting code for one service has the
correct interfaces/skeletons.

I don't see any ERRORs or even WARNings on the log output.

Please can you suggest how I can resolve this?

Many Thanks,

(P.S. I'm running Java 1.6 on redhat linux and I've got the same
outcome using Axis 1.1.1 and Axis 1.2).

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