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From Tammy Dugan <>
Subject Re: [AXIOM] How to serialize axiom document without building objects in memory
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 19:44:06 GMT
With a little work, I was able to get streaming soap body xml output with input coming from
a database to work for very large files (200MB). 
Thanks, Ryan. However, now I want to be able to stream dynamically created xml. Here is most
of the code from my service:

    	StringDOM dom = new StringDOM();
    	PipedOutputStream output = new PipedOutputStream();
    	final StringDocument variableListDoc = dom.createDocument(output);
    	InputStream inputStream = new PipedInputStream(output);
    	OMFactory factory = OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory();
    	OMElement resultElement = XMLUtil.parseXMLFromStreamOM(inputStream,"getQueryVariableListResponse",true,factory);
    	final StringElement resultXML = (StringElement) variableListDoc.createElement(RESPONSE_XML_NODENAME);
	Thread thread = new Thread(new Runnable()
			public void run()
					Connection con = db.openConnection();
					StringElement result = (StringElement) qdb.readQueryVariableList(con, db, variableListDoc);
				} catch (Exception e)
					InitializationServlet.error("", e);
		return resultElement;

StringDom is a DOM implementation one of our developers wrote that streams the content of
a node added through an appendChild call, thus very little is ever held in memory. 
When the above service runs, it is buffering the content of resultElement in memory and not
streaming it to the response. I copied the exact same code to a local test case and ran serializeAndConsume
on resultElement. 
When I did this, everything streamed just fine. I am using a Custom OMDataSource to create
resultElement as an OMSourcedElementImpl to facilitate the streaming. When I ran the local
example that streamed, 
the following method was called in my custom data source:

public void serialize(OutputStream output, OMOutputFormat format) throws XMLStreamException
		System.out.println("CustomDataSource serialized(output,format)");
			org.regenstrief.util.Util.bufferedReadWrite(, output, false);
		} catch (IOException e)
			throw new XMLStreamException(e);

where bufferedReadWrite just reads the bytes from an input stream and writes them to an output
stream in chunks. The serialization method called when I executed the service was the following:

public void serialize(XMLStreamWriter xmlWriter) throws XMLStreamException
		System.out.println("CustomDataSource serialized(xmlWriter)");
		XMLStreamReader reader = null;

			StreamingOMSerializer serializer = new StreamingOMSerializer();
			reader =  StAXUtils.createXMLStreamReader(;
			serializer.serialize(reader, xmlWriter);// OutOfMemory error here
		} catch (Throwable e)
				InitializationServlet.error("", e);

This method would not stream the data to the output. Is there something about StreamingOMSerializer
that it is hanging while the xml is getting dynamically built? This same method works just
fine with
an InputStream from a database so why doesn't it work for a PipedInputStream?



>I've had some luck getting this to work by implementing an OMDataSource that
>doesn't start writing XML until it is passed a writer and then using it to
>create an OMSourcedElementImpl.  It sort of depends on the semantics of what
>you are doing, and you have to be careful as to what methods get called on
>the OMSourcedElementImpl (it doesn't seem to take much to cause the whole
>thing to inflate - try to avoid doing anything that causes the getReader()
>method to get called before you are ready to start sending stuff out the
>door), but we've managed to get true streaming to work using Axis2/Axiom,
>which saves a lot of transient memory.

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