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From "Bill Taylor" <>
Subject I need to know where to find information about Axis 2
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 03:45:37 GMT
I have been given wsdl service definitions which I have to match.  I
am using Eclipse, so I downloaded the Eclipse plugin
axis2-eclipse-codegen-wizard. When I run the wsdl2java tool, I get a
number of Java files as I expected.

My problem is that I do not know how to modify these stubs to fill in
my methods.  In Axis 1.2, each service "method" had a corresponding
Java method for me to modify.  With Axis 2, I don't know how to modify
the Java code.

For example, I cannot find documentation how to extract parameters
from the SOAP message.  The samples in the axis binary show calls to
extract the parameters, but each of the tools generates different
.java files so the examples do not work for the codegen wizard.

Also, I need to know how to generate error returns in the SOAP replies.

I assume that all of this is documented somewhere, but I have not
found it.  I found a tutorial on the codegen wizard, but it only told
how to make Java from wsdl, it did not tell how to modify the Java.

Also, when I tried to make wsdl from Java using the tool, I was not
able to specify the class properly.  When I tried to fill in the path,
the Windows file selection box insisted on my starting at c: as
opposed to the relative path within the Eclipse project.

Any documentation help would be appreciated.


Bill Taylor

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