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From "Shawn Dever" <>
Subject AXIS 2 WSDL2Java Oddly Naming Exceptions
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 17:22:26 GMT
In hopes that someone might be able shed some light on it, we have reduced
our problem to a simple test case.



We have a web service with two methods: "Method1" and "Method2".

Each method can throw an exception called "CustomException".


We use the WSDL2Java to build our Java client proxy.

The exception is generated with a name such as "Method1_CustomException".
In the client proxy code, both methods now throw/catch
"Method1_CustomException".  (Notice how the "Method1" is used in the name of
the exception.)



When the web service designer adds a new method, say "Method3", and we
regenerate the client proxy, the exception names changes to
"Method3_CustomException".  This forces us to modify our existing client
code to recognize the name change to the exception.



Is there a way around this problem?

Is there a way to force the WSDL2Java to not put the method name in the
exception fault?

Has anyone experience this issue before (or maybe it is just us).



We are using the latest Axis 2 code.

The web service is written using Microsoft .NET WCF/Indigo.  

.Net clients are working fine.


We tried WSDL2Java on the WCF Interop Endpoints (see URL below) and the
proxy code looks like it will suffer the same problem.


In our test web service, we created a method called AAAAExceptions that
threw all the exceptions.  We thought that by doing this, all the proxy
exceptions would be named with this method's name such as:
AAAAException_CustomException.  Oddly enough, this worked for all but one of
the exceptions.


Thanks for any guidance you can provide.



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