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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: Stax and Axis2
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 04:44:45 GMT
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Vibhor_Sharma wrote:
> Hi
>     Few conceptual question
> why did we use the STAX in Axis2

There are couple of reasons behind we using StAX instead of SAX or DOM.
If you look at why StAX is better compared to SAX or DOM, you will get
first few reasons. In addition to that we wanted to have deferred
building capability for Axiom. Meaning, sometime you do not need to
build the whole XML tree within Axis2 to access required information.
Only StAX provides the controlled parsing approach. When you start
parsing XML with SAX or DOM they will not stop until you finish reading
the whole XML.

> and why is it so important to use it ?

I hope the above answered this as well.

> why was'nt SAX used?

Please see a tutorial on StAX.

> Why only woodstox STAX used why not some other implementation?

We initially used BEA implementation and it sometimes had problems.
Woodstox seemed to better in-terms of performance and implementation.
Tatu, who mainly maintains woodstox helps to improve woodstox a lot.

> Is it possible to plugin any other event based parser in Axis2?  or it
> relies on woodstox and for that matter STAX only?

You can plugin any StAX implementation. But some implementations *might*
have some bugs in them. If you want to switch implementations it is just
a matter of putting the required implementation in the classpath.

BTW, interesting set of questions from you, which I didn't hear from
anyone in this list. Thanks for motivating us to re-think about our
initial strategies and I think they still hold even now :)

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