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From "John G. Norman" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2 1.1.1] Exceptions and POJO services
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 00:27:41 GMT
I'm having the same problem. In my POJO service I have something like:

public String myOp(String s) throws MyException . . .

But no fault for MyException is showing up in the WSDL, and so when I
try to generate an ADB client against the WSDL, I don't get
client-side exception code generated. And if I throw MyException from
the service, all I get is RemoteException on the client (with cause
set to null).

Could someone from Axis2 verify this a bit? POJO service/client
handling of exceptions seems pretty broken. I could file a JIRA, but
I'm uncertain that a description of these symptoms would capture what
seems to be pretty significant lack of functionality. (Or maybe POJO
services aren't supposed to throw exceptions!?)

On 4/16/07, Jarek Kucypera <> wrote:
> If I declare a (non-void) service method to throw an exception,
> the resulting wsdl describes the corresponding exception
> type as anyType, like this:
>      <xs:complexType>
>       <xs:sequence>
>        <xs:element name="getWalletFault" type="xs:anyType" />
>       </xs:sequence>
>      </xs:complexType>
> Is there a way to throw custom exceptions (return faults of custom
> types) from POJO based services, so that the fault type is
> described in the wsdl ?
> J.K.
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