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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to migrate from Axis1.3 to Axis 2 without a WSDL and client change?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:17:52 GMT
How are you building the new Axis2 service?
You should be able to generate it from the WSDL and use the original WSDL.


On 4/2/07, Shaoguang Cong <> wrote:
> Ideally we don't need to modify the WSDL or the client while migrating to
> AXIS 2.  But I found that seems inevitable.  Hope someone can verify this is
> indeed true.  And I have to tell my .NET client for the change.
> In server-config.wsdd of Axis 1.3, the <service> tag has a name attribute
> that is using the WSDL port name ("MyServicePort" as in <wsdl:port
> name="MyServicePort">).
> In services.xml of AXIS 2,  the <service> tag has a name attribute that is
> using the WSDL service name ("MyService" as in <wsdl:service
> name="MyService">).
> So an Axis 1.3 client will have the endpoint address specified with the port
> name ("MyServicePort").  This won't work for invoking the same service (same
> WSDL)  implemented with an AXIS 2.
> Is this imcompatible feature just a little negligence or an improvement over
> 1.3?  I do like the AXIS 2 approach (using WSDL:service name), though it's a
> bit headache for the migration effort.
> Thanks.
> Shaoguang
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