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From Nadir Amra <>
Subject Re: axis C++ problem with arrays
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 18:42:15 GMT

First, you are posting to the wrong mailing list.  It should be

It would be very hard to see what your problem is without having WSDL 
file.  But you can first try downloading latest code from SVN and building 
the client.  There has been many, many fixes since 1.6b.

Nadir K. Amra

Per.Knudsgaard@Sun.COM wrote on 04/03/2007 01:21:01 PM:

>    Hi,
>    I am trying to use axis C++ to integrate with a partner product. 
> This is my first encounter with SOAP so I apologize in advance for any
> stupid questions.
>    The story so far:  I downloaded 1.6b, set up my classpath and ran
> "java org.apache.axis.wsdl.wsdl2ws.WSDL2Ws -sclient -lc++
> interface.wsdl".  It generated a nice set of cpp and hpp files without
> complaining.
>    My next step was to compile everything to see if it passes the g++
> test of valid c++.  It didn't.  There was a couple of complaints about
> converting char * to char** and a bunch of prototype errors where
> pointers were being passed and the function expected the object.  I
> would like to be more specific, but the wsdl file is proprietary and my
> SOAP skills are at a level where writing up my own sample would be time
> consuming.  I would prefer to only do that if necessary.  What I am
> seeing are errors like (code has been anonymized to protect the 
> A.cpp:87: error: cannot convert `char*' to `char**' in initialization
> [first line of Axis_DeSerialize_A]
> B.cpp:207: error: prototype for `void BImpl::B_foo(char*, char*, char*,
> A_Array*)' does not match any in class `BImpl'
> BImpl.hpp:29: error: candidate is: void BImpl::B_foo(char*, char*,
> char*, A_Array)
>    Looking at the errors, it seems like the problems are with arrays,
> both arrays of strings and arrays of more complex types.  I looked
> through the bug database but failed to find any bug that completely
> matched my problem and I searched on google without more luck.
>    Am I doing something stupid?  Is this a known problem?  Is there a
> known solution?
>    Thanks in advance,
>    -- Per.
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