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From "Jacky Rymasz-Maillot" <>
Subject RE: [AXIS2] How to deploy service without .aar
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:17:38 GMT
I have a question about the same topic but concerning multiple services.
I don't want to use .aar and I managed to generate Java classes for all my services with Axis2
It generated me one services.xml and several .wsdl (one per service)

What should look like the repository tree in services?
Should it look like some thing like that?:

		|_____ services.xml
		|												|_____ServiceName1
			    |_____ META-INF
		    		   	   |_____ ServiceName1.wsdl					|_____ServiceName2
			    |_____ META-INF
		    		   	   |_____ ServiceName2.wsdl
			    |_____ META-INF
		    		   	   |_____ ServiceName3.wsdl

Thanks for your help to all... all is very useful ;)


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De : Masin, Valerie [] 
Envoyé : mercredi 11 avril 2007 23:07
À :;
Objet : RE: [AXIS2] How to deploy service without .aar

Voila, you have answered my question. I didn't realize I needed to
create a directory with my servicename in the services directory with
the meta-inf under it. Thanks

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From: Alistair Young [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 4:07 PM
Subject: Re: [AXIS2] How to deploy service without .aar

I did this today. I didn't use an aar. Instead I put all the classes in
WEB-INF/classes, including schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans from resources. The
only thing I have in WEB-INF/services/ServiceName is:


I tried putting some of the classes in Axis2 and the rest in
WEB-INF/classes but the classloader hierarchy (Axis2 = URLClassLoader,
Tomcat=WebappClassLoader) caused real problems along the lines you have

Put ALL classes in WEB-INF/classes. Message receivers, service skeletons
etc. and all clases from the resources directory.

hope this helps,


mov eax,1
mov ebx,0
int 80h

> Hello,
> I need to have some of my .class files live in the web-inf/classes 
> directory since other non-axis apps use them. I would prefer to not 
> have to put some of them there and the rest in the .aar so I would 
> like to put them all in web-inf/classes. I tried not using the .aar at

> all but couldn't figure out how to let axis know what service was
> Then I tried putting only the manifest and services.xml in the .aar 
> and having the rest be in web-inf/classes. When I do this the 
> webserver complains on startup that it can't find my MessageReceiver 
> for each service in services.xml. (Strangely, though, despite these 
> errors I am able to access my service.)
> What is the right way to deploy an axis2 app without an .aar.
> And while I am on the subject, since there are a lot of axis files 
> that need to be deployed into one's webapp, what is the best approach 
> to combine one's own files with the axis files into a single war? 
> Should I just add my files to the axis war?
> Invalid service  docHarborWebServices.aar due to Processing Operations

> Modules ClassNotFoundException Error in loading message receiver 
> com.docharbor.webservices.DocHarborServicesMessageReceiverInOut;
> nested exception is:
>  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> com.docharbor.webservices.DocHarborServicesMessageReceiverInOut;
> Thanks, Valerie

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