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From "Colum Daly" <>
Subject JRE 6.0 http transport support in Axis?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 05:56:32 GMT
Does Axis 1.4 support the inbuilt JRE 6.0 http transport?

We have a requirement to create an Axis client that will use the JRE 6.0
http transport for communication. Apparently the JRE 6.0 Http Client
offers full support of the NTLM protocol which is the requirement for
authentication. That's why we're not using other options such as
Jakarta's CommonsHTTPSender transport.

I'm hoping there is a way to specify the JRE's http transport in the
Axis client-config.wsdd by replacing the default configuration:
<transport name="http"

I've spent a good number of hours researching this and found plenty of
examples online of how to configure Axis to use the CommonsHTTPSender
but nothing about how to specify the JRE transport.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. 

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