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From "José Ferreiro" <>
Subject Re: create Java base Web service client
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 21:14:35 GMT
Dear Ashish,

I will say that you have two technologies to do that (among many others).

You may choose Microsoft or Open source libraries.

In this mailing list you have people working with Axis 1.x and Axis2.
Axis 1.4 doesn't has any further development.
Axis2 is evolving and supports different types of WS-standarts (which is not
the case for Axis 1.x).

Well, in my opinion you should ask the people who gave you the wsdl what
kind of web service server do they have.
If they are working with open source I will suggest your client should be
open source.
On the other hand if they are using microsoft, then I will suggest you to
use Microsoft.

Basically, using the same technology as they use will simplify your
development life of your client.

After you choose that you should then understand how to build the client
with the desired technology.

For Axis 1.4 or Axis2 you will use wsdl2java. This utility will generate
automatically the "stubs".
Then, you need to complete the code with your logic.
You may also write your own client using the a DYNAMIC INVOCATION INTERFACE
However the source code for a DII client is more complicated than the code
for the other two types of clients.
I will suggest you to use the wsdl2java (at least for starting).

If you will use Microsoft, then you have to learn  about .NET frametwork and
choose C# for example as programming language. You probably will need MS
visual studio as IDE
There you will use the command wsdl.exe (for java wsdl2java, use eclipse
with ant).

Hope this little introduction was helpfull.

José Ferreiro

On 4/27/07, Ashish Kulkarni <> wrote:
> Hi
> I recently got a WSDL file, and i am expected to write a web service
> client to access this web service,
> Can some one give some pointers, and code or example or tutorial to do so.
> What are the steps, do i have to used WSDL2JAVA to create some thing.
> Ashish

José Ferreiro
EPFL Communication Systems engineer
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