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From "Gerald Loeffler" <>
Subject JMSSender and one-way messages (to an in-only MEP)
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 20:35:47 GMT

i'm using JMSSender via Synapse and seem to experience that a one-way
message (to an in-only MEP) that is sent to a JMS destination via
JMSSender causes JMSSender to wait for a response message on a reply
queue. Of course this does not make sense, and the blocking JMS
receive of that reply message ultimately times out with this error:

DEBUG [13 Mar 20:33:13]  JMSSender - JMSSender invoke()
DEBUG [13 Mar 20:33:13]  JMSSender - [Client]Sending message to
destination : TOPIC.T_INT_CLIENT_EVT
DEBUG [13 Mar 20:33:13]  JMSSender - Waiting for a maximum of 30000ms
for a response message to destination : QUEUE.JMS_TQ3
 WARN [13 Mar 20:33:43]  JMSSender - Did not receive a JMS response
within 30000 ms to destination : TOPIC.T_INT_CLIENT_EVT

Very briefly ooking at the code for
org.apache.axis2.transport.jms.JMSSender in the trunk it indeed seems
that JMSSender sets the flag "waitForResponse" to true regardless of
whether the messages is one-way (to an in-only MEP) or not.

Has anyone successfully used JMSSender for one-way messages?
Can anybody confirm my understanding of the behaviour of JMSSender?

(this is for Synapse 0.91/Axis 1.1.1)

  thanks in advance,
  kind regards,

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