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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: Axis2: Interop with .NET
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 07:30:21 GMT
Whitespace is not a valid character in an XML local name. I suggest
you submit a JIRA to fix Axis and Axis2 to disallow use of whitespace
in an XML local name.

As for the namespace reference, have you declared the "wsns" namespace
and have you imported it into the schema?

I also suggest that you validate the WSDL/schema before attempting to
generate clients from it.


On 3/14/07, <> wrote:
> Hi..
> We're trying to write a .NET client for our Axis2 Web Service. We have Java
> clients that work just fine using our WSDL, but the .NET wsdl.exe tool seems
> to choke on certain elements in our WSDL.
> Case in point:
> 1. The element name below has a whitespace in it. This is no problem for
> Axis1 or Axis2 WSDL2JAVA - but for .NET, I have to replace the white space
> with an underscore.
> <element name="ConnectionFailureFault">
>    <complexType>
>       <sequence>
>          <element name="Connection Failure" type="xsd:string"/>
>       </sequence>
>    </complexType>
> </element>
> I need to change the name as below:
>          <element name="Connection_Failure" type="xsd:string"/>
> 2. Having trouble with namespaces too.
> <xsd:complexType name="SecurityType">
>    <xsd:sequence>
>       <xsd:element name="UsernameToken" type="wsns:UsernameTokenType"/>
>    </xsd:sequence>
>    <xsd:anyAttribute namespace="##other" processContents="lax"/>
> </xsd:complexType>
> will only work with the WSDL.exe tool if the "wsns" is stripped from the
> type.
> My question to the group is:
> - Has anyone encountered this before using .NET wsdl.exe?
> - Is it possible we're not adhering to the rules of creating truly
> interoperable design contracts, even though AXIS2 WSDL2JAVA let our WSDL
> fly?
> Thanks
> \Sarwar

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