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From "Brecht Yperman" <>
Subject RE: ntlm authentication and Axis 2
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:19:15 GMT
Hi all,


I'm having a similar problem, where we are sending over 1000 calls in
about one hour.

However, for each call:

- first a simple request is done

- the proxy server responds that needs NTLM

- then a request is sent with the proxyhost and the proxyport

- the proxy server then responds that we don't have access to that URL

- then a request is sent with all of the proxy parameters (host, port,
user, domain, password)


Is it possible to get Axis2 to send all of the parameters the first
time? This would reduce sending time with at least one second, I think
(so over 25%).





From: Arindam Roy [] 
Sent: vrijdag 9 maart 2007 11:05
Subject: ntlm authentication and Axis 2


I am using Axis 2 to communicate with a server which has ntlm
authentication. When I am invoking web service methods which do not
involve any attachment, it is working fine. Using TCP packet capturing,
I can even see the NTLM authentication happening via challenge/response
handshaking. One problem that I see here is that for every method
invocation the ntlm authentication is occuring which is a kind of
redundancy. I think this is happening because pre-authentication feature
is not built into Axis 2 or common httpclient. 


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